ATV Rider Training KSAR

Heading to the Kootenays for some ATV Rider Training.

The first weekend of March saw the team back in the Kootenays to train the latest search and rescue technicians in Kaslo. The team was learning how to drive Emergency Vehicles in normal circumstances as well as Code 3.

Safe ATV Riding Practices

We also spent three half days sessions training the whole team on ATV’s with their new Polaris 1,000 quads. The vehicles fitted with tracks to allow for safe and predictable back country access in all seasons. Learning to ride on tracks can be a unique experience but you will also find a big difference if you switch the vehicle back to wheels for the warmer months.

The ATV Rider training was very successful and our team did a great job of teaching safe riding practices and vehicle dynamic theory and practice. Getting to grips with the vehicles requires lots of time to practice the various exercises. Only after the exercises can a student be expected to have increased confidence in equipment they may never have used before.

In the end almost 20 students graduated the ATV course and can safely navigate backcountry terrain.

If you are interested in any of our course or a specific ATV or SxS course, please contact our office. Our courses are designed so that each client can customise a course to create the best experience for their respective teams. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements outside of our normal course structure.

Contact us to book your ATV Rider Training course.

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