Our Driver Development Courses

Kaslo Search and Rescue

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

Whether you are a municipal department, a private contractor or volunteer organisation we can deliver the training your team requires. The mental approach to Emergency Vehicle Operations is as important as the fundamental driving skills. In combination your team members can safely drive to an incident.

Burns Lake Fire Department

Our team of instructors are qualified to deliver driver development course content relevant to your industry. They will create an experience that will leave you with a safer team.

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Winter Driving Course

Living in the northern hemisphere can present a unique set of driving challenges. We often confuse the amount of miles we drive with driver competence. It becomes clear when the snow first flies in North America that driver development has not been top of mind. To fine tune your winter driving skills and ensure your fleet operations costs do not increase in the winter months contact us. Our Winter Driver Development programs can become a valuable program for your bottom line.

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Resource Road Driving Course

resource road driving

The winter may last longer in the mountains therefore preparation is key.

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ATV and SxS Courses

Photo Courtesy: Bob Gazzard

Our popular ATV and SxS courses go beyond theory. While many safety and training programs claim to help you avoid accident claims and injury, the only way to truly ensure people know what to do and what not to do with their vehicle is to train them in the field.

Your participants will understand the finite dynamics of the vehicle they are riding, the features built in to the vehicle and how conduct manoeuvres safely such as hill ascent, decent, traversing and obstacle crossings. We will also focus on mechanical sympathy and how and why to operate these vehicles in an efficient and understanding manner.

Backcountry safety and winching techniques are also an important component of our courses. Contact us for information.